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Our web site explains the value and importance of natural seaweed products in a healthy diet. As many people and cultures have realised over the centuries, vegetable products from the sea can combat stress and help you to live both better and longer. Our products won’t reverse the ageing process, but they can certainly help to slow it down!
Our seaweed products are harvested by hand in the Beara Peninsular from the clear, unpolluted Atlantic Ocean off the South West coast of Ireland . They are completely natural and from a renewable resource, without additives, free from toxins and environmentally friendly. We are a small business, not a big corporation, using everything we produce ourselves and simply selling the excess.


Water is the single most important substance for life on this planet. There is nothing living in our world that can do without water. It is the universal nurturer, healer and solvent. Because water molecules have a positive and negative pole, they behave like little magnets. They attach themselves to their neighbouring molecules and form clusters of several hundred molecules. This has been known for some time. These clusters are very sensitive structures and vibrational influences can impress themselves upon them. This is what gives water the ability to store information.

Without water, no life as we do know it would be possible. Water is not only important, it is everywhere, wherever you look on this planet. It is in the atmosphere as humidity, clouds or rain, it is in the Earth's crust within the rock and soil fabric, and it is in every living being, animal or plant. Humans are made up of more than 70% water.

Ancient cultures and civilizations had great respect for water and worshipped this "life substance" which they often equated with life force and surrounded with myths and legends.

These people knew the real and vital importance of water.

Still most humans when they think of the sea, think of health, invigoration, cleansing, and rejuvenation. The feeling of being alive and yet peacefully calm. Interestingly, sea vegetables (phytoplankton) can transform your health, tapping into the ancestral and restorative source of all life: the ocean. Because Life's watery beginning still continues to be present in all living processes, plant, fish, birds and animal alike

An imbalance associated with the water element is indicated by: adrenal exhaustion, general fatigue, hearing loss, premature aging, bone problems, urinary problems, infertility, memory difficulties, back pain and knee weakness,...all of which point to disruption of water energy and kidney function according to traditional Chinese medicine.

In addition, the composition of human plasma, or fluid surrounding cell membranes, is similar to that of sea water. Sea water has been used in the past to replace blood for certain illnesses and without complications. In the Western world imbalances in water associated or can cause illnesses including nervous problems, phobias, depression, lethargy, circulatory conditions, such as low or high blood pressure, arthritis and other diseases of the joints and certain digestive ailments. Different, water related physical ailments in both humans and their companion animals can be resolved with the simple addition of seaweeds to their respective diets.

The main problem is that today, people in the developed world take water largely for granted and treat it as a low cost commodity rather than the priceless elixir it is. Apart for drinking purposes it is also used for the disposal and transport of wastes, washing, cooling, heating and a multitude of industrial processes and subsequent polluting it. At its basis the believe that the Earth belongs to man, instead of that man belongs to the Earth". That they, governments, the elite and commercial interests can do what they like with it what is not the case, being disrespectful and ignorant, getting away because we do not let them pay/repair and for damage done. Because water is spread all over the world, pollution caused at one place can affect others sometimes even far away but in the end everybody.

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