Prevention not healing


Health is simple! You give the body what it really needs and it will be healthy or, if necessary, it will even heal itself. This process is called Orthomolecular Nutrition and its importance can be seen from the fact that Linus Pauling was twice awarded a Nobel Prize for his studies in this field.

However, to be effective this process can only operate when food is of natural origin and not contaminated by weed killers, insecticide, hormones, preservatives or GM modifications.

Man made substances and chemicals

Everything nature produces can be broken down by small micro-organisms to a size were it can be re-used again, the so-called cycle of life and death. Nothing is wasted and everything will be re-used again. For that reason the old Celtic people placed a circle around the centre of the crosses on their graves.

However this does not apply to man-made substances.

When you walk home, go into the park or visit the beach you will see litter everywhere, yet what you see is only a small part of the total amount of waste surrounding you. Most of the chemicals and other substances cannot be seen. The bottoms of most rivers are now so badly contaminated with poisons, like heavy metals, that the soil has to be decontaminated before some other use can be found for it.

Sometimes you can smell such pollution, or it will cause a reaction such as burning skin or irritation of the lungs for example. Because the litter is man-made nature is not capable of handling it properly. Eventually it will disappear, but only after a very long time.

Food can be contaminated too with different man-made substances such as weed killers, hormones, insecticides and preservatives. During the replacement of your body cells these contaminants can get incorporated in your body because cell replacement is a continuing process - within every seven years all of your body’s cells will be replaced.

The newly formed contaminated body cells within your body will behave differently and have a different life-cycle. Your body becomes a kind of ‘”waste dump”. Despite all the progress made at medical level the numbers of people becoming sick or suffering from allergies or asthma are on the increase.

The amount of money and people needed to keep the healthcare system functioning will increase. You may get sick and eventually die, not because of some genetic defect, but because of the environment you live in and the food you eat. If you are living in what is called “a man-created environment or city” you do not have to look far to find the people, the government or businesses, who are responsible for your misfortune.

To make things even worse the body, in trying to cope with this mess, starts to change the genetic code needed to guide these processes so that there is a chance that your children will inherit these changed codes. If you want to see what chemicals can do in this respect have a look at the present population of the people in Vietnam . The result of the chemicals used by the US army forty years ago are still visible everywhere. It is possible to get tests to determine how many alien compounds your body and blood contains.

Nostradamus, the famous prophet, predicted a period in human existence were the health system collapses and the people are left on the streets to die. Most experts expect it to be somewhere in India or Africa . But it could also be in the West. The way we manage to pollute our environment is shocking and on a scale never seen before, and we continue to do it despite the fact that the signs of disaster are already visible.



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