Food and Money


There is a connection between food and money as far as the Western world is concerned.

If you ask your neighbour what he considers to be the most precious thing in his life he probably will say his family and good health.

In practical terms this is not true. It is making money. He works to get it, even thinks and worries at night about it. Not without reason. If God is love, than love is money in our world. Without money you cannot survive. No food, no drinks, no place to sleep, you get abused, threatened, arrested, jailed or worse.

One aspect many people are unaware of is that, because it is so powerful, money is addictive just like coke, heroin or crack and some people will never will get enough of it. Because it is so addictive a lot of people are prepared to cheat, lie, manipulate, betray, and some of them are even prepared to kill for it.

In general, money affects the relations between people in a very negative way which is built on exploitation instead of love. It hardens society, increases aggression and leads to violence. People can become greedy and if they spend money it is only to make a name and fame for themselves.

People are not born to be exploited, but to learn, have fun, make meaningful contributions to other people’s lives, to explore, and develop themselves. You cannot, nor should you try to abuse their right, as fellow humans for your own purposes, to get yourself rich, to let them do your work.

And nobody, absolutely nobody has the right to poison air, water, land or sea for profit. These things are our heritage and they belong to us all.



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