Seaweed bath


A Cure from the Sea.

However, you must understand that your skin absorbs everything that it comes in contact with and need regular cleaning/repairs.)

The Seaweed beauty routine:

Incorporating the benefits of seaweed into your beauty routine is easy. You buy/order dehydrated seaweed and add it to your bath, turning it into a mini-ocean. Traditionally the seaweed bath is used to re-hydrate and moisture skin, relieve of conditions like psoriasis, acne, aid back and muscular pain; ease rheumatism and arthritis and assist circulation.

Now it is different; the emphasis more on health, cleaning, detoxifies; on nourishing the skin, body's cells, regeneration, improve of microcirculation, Elasticity, appearance, tone. Protection of skin and hair, assist in weight loss and wellness, de-stress, relax, re-vitalizing and ageing.

Since seaweed is packed with easy-to-absorb proteins, vitamins, minerals and lipids, it can protect against environmental pollution and even ward off aging.

These nutrients are known for there nourishing benefits for the skin. Give the skin greater pliability and improves elasticity. The colloidal form of the minerals is very important, meaning that these minerals have retained their molecular identity while in liquid suspension. Colloids are very small in size and easily absorbed by the body's cells. Therefore also beneficial effects on cellular repair, cellular growth and tissue regeneration, which have let many to believe that seaweed, can lessen the signs of ageing.

Scientific research also indicates that seaweed's ability to increase microcirculation and the metabolism promotes detoxification and enhances slimming and weight loss; improve vitality and to maintain a youthful appearance. By increasing the circulation, a positive effect on local fatty overloads and helps maintain the tone of the tissue. To firm the skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite!

Seaweed is a natural product. No genetic manipulation, the use of pesticides or fertilizer, just the sea, waves and light. Most of our customers use seaweed flakes.

a (Add a spoon full of flakes to big pot and steep it for half an hour. Pour it through a sieve and Add the liquid to the bath).

b Other will fill muslin bags, large tea infusion balls with dried seaweed mixture.

c (The bags are needed to keep the seaweed from going down your drain. Use warm water in a large pot, add the seaweed and steep for half an hour or so. Pour into the bath (seaweed in its bag and all).

The warm water will help to extract more nutrients from the seaweed. By boiling it, you will at the same time destroying others sensitive silky oils and substances like Vitamin C. If you choose to add it straight to the bath place a fine sieve at the drain to make sure your drain does not get blocked.

Massage: Softly rub your body using a sponge, massage it into your skin using long strokes towards the heart, starting with your feet, 'It's excellent for soothing itchy and dry skin and helps detoxify by pulling out toxic waste from the pores.

Aromatherapy oils like lavender make your soak in the tub even more relaxing. 'It's a great way to de-stress after a long day at work.

Some claim that seaweed can reduce/absorb toxins by up to 50 per cent of its dry weight. Rinse off with warm water. It is very important to create the right environment at home. Use something that appeals to every sense you have. Good music, for scent, light candles that produce the scents of flowering plants (such as plumeria or citrus).

But most important: make the Sea or Ocean experience a regular part of your routine, you reap a bounty of beauty and health benefits, you need it. It takes just 20 minutes. Try to control the environment/ avoid disturbances, choose the time/moment carefully.

Not only cleansing and relaxing but make it revitalizing and rejuvenating as well. Use between one and two ounces of seaweed. Our hydrated seaweed contains less than 10 % moister. Its wet weight is between 15 times its dried weights.

Caution: Those with high blood pressure or other health problems should consult their doctors before having a hot seaweed bath.


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