Colours and properties.

Table below to be used as indication.

Chlorophyta (green algae) chlorophylls a and b, carotenoids starch Polysaccharides or cellulose.  Phaeophyta (brown algae) chlorophylls a and c, carotenoids including fucoxanthin Laminarin and oils Cellulose and align.  Rhodophyta (red algae) chlorophyll a and d, carotenoids, phycobilins Floridean starch Cellulose, pectin compounds, impregnated with calcium carbonate in some species.

Colour of seaweed Food storage Cell wall components photosynthetic pigments
Green Carotenoids and starch Polysaccharide/cellulose chlorophylls a and b
Brown carotenoids including fucoxanthin Laminarin and oils Cellulose and algin chlorophylls a and c
Red carotenoids, phycobilins Floridean starch Cellulose Cellulose, pectin compounds, impregnated with calcium carbonate in some species. chlorophyll a and d,

Unbelievable, Seaweed contains neither roots nor blood vessels, feeding directly from the seawater through the plant (Cells) surface. It is able to taking full advantage of all the nutrients present in the sea without having to undergo any complex transformations.

Fibre or cell wall components present in seaweed and the mineral content responsible for the unique place seaweed hold in the food chain on earth.

Fibre or Polysaccharides possess reasonable physical properties, an be modified and changed at room and body temperature, and the changes reversed using ionic, electrolytic, or chemically, enzymes and bacteria.

Most important and best known are; Alginates, Cyclo-dextrins, Glycosaminoglycans, Inulins, Pullulans, Carrageenans, Heparins, Konjacs, Dextrans, Haaluronates, Locust, Tragacanth, Chitins & Chitosans, beta-Glucans, Guarans, Pectins, fucoidans and Xanthan, , which are widely used in the food and pharmaceutical industry because of these properties or at the basis of our body chemistry

There is no longer any question any more about the real value of seaweed polysaccharide as an important source of bioactive natural compounds, for their beneficial or physiological effects within the human body well proven.

Now significant attention has been put on the use of algae and seaweed in food or diet and the great variety of nutrients present that are essential for human health and wellbeing.

Their ability to be partly fermented by the human colonic micro biota resulted in health

benefit effects, the other non digestible part as growth medium for many beneficial micro

organism themselves.

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