Health and ageing


To live much longer and in full health has been humanity's oldest dream. Every culture has cherished practices to offer the possibility of immortality or very long life.

Mental and spiritual regimes, elixirs, black magic, diets, arcane sexual practices, and science enlisted to hold death at bay. People from the earliest cultures to the present have tried to stop or at least significantly slow the process of bodily deterioration. The Biological immortality most sought after a life of youthful vigour without physical limitations. To provide a kind of biological immortality can only be achieved if started at an early age. However, people who are born healthy can grow very old and remain in good health.

Anti-Ageing is basically a concept or possibility to prolong life, meaning to live longer and enjoy those extra years as a healthy human being. Latest number or statistic shows that now about 1/3 of people living in the EU have one or more chronic diseases and health more important than saving for a good pension. Not that we are against a good pension because one goes not without the other. However if you are death before being old or morbid they will do you no good. Therefore, anti ageing and the study of how to achieve a long and healthy life very important.

Once realised, that some people live a very long life, one simply had to come to the conclusion that it is possible to duplicate this longer lifespan, that's how anti ageing started.

Anti Ageing concepts are not something from the past but are now widely known, accepted and backed up by scientific studies. There are important benefits and when we all would practise it our hospitals wouldn't be overcrowded and chronic diseases should have demised.

First you have to ask yourself, who is actually is interested in your well-being?

Would it be drug companies? Politician? Newspaper, or the media in general? Is anyone interested, no because in a commercial driven society that is and will never be the case? With the advent of an industrialized civilization we are constantly being bombarded with chemicals that compromise our immune systems, thus, causing various body system failures. Many are now suffering a health crisis with cancer and other diseases running ramped and no cure. Commercial interest and the political parties involved despite all suffering. You should be interested, because no one else is. If the multinationals and other organisations and political leaders would care we would have global peace - global good nutrition and happiness however none of that do exist, instead we have global banks and marketing and do not forget multinationals.

Most modern maladies are caused by prolonged exposure to a combination of negative lifestyles and toxic environmental factors, including junk food and malnutrition, pesticides, antibiotics, microwaves, chemical pollution of food, water and air, lack of exercise and chronic stress.

These factors are further aggravated by the failure of modern medicine to recognize them as agents of dis-"ease" and death and the consequent failure to take preventative measures against them.

What is new in this respect is the change in perception of ageing. It is only in modern times that mainstream talking points seem to be to encourage people to crawl into their graves contently and without struggle, even national health care systems involve themselves in discussions in which the writing off patients as hopeless and drains on the system are standard, the cost high and benefits minimal or none, suggesting better off dead.

Strange that as technology now stands to grant humanity one of its most sought-after goals, we face what seems a concerted effort to acquaint the general population with the concept of gladly embracing death in case that they are not productive anymore.

Get hold of their possessions accumulated over the years, the State, banks and institutions, children. To avoid giving care/cost and differ from the views as taken in the past.




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