The laws of nature, the seasons, natural cycles, the interconnectedness and Dependency of all living beings. Our body consist out of 70% of water. Water molecules are very small and when we do the same counting but now based on molecules the water part makes up about 89%. In fact we are walking water barrels or sponges. Water is a very special substance. When poured in a glass it will take the inside shape of the glass. When you freeze it the shape will stay, you pour it as a liquid on the table it will follow the surface of that table. After some time it will evaporate and be gone and becomes invisible. There is a cosmic connection between water on the earth and the cosmos. The waves on the sea and the big lakes are the result of the pull of the sun and moon. When visible light does enter water it will be broken in its corresponding colours and absorbed. It is an ionizing substance and electric conductible. These electric charges generated in this process are not equal distributed but form clusters within the liquid and able to store and receive information. If submitted to waves of all kind from sound to electromagnetic vibration it will be mirrored inside the water and our brain read and interpreting it. (Symatics)

A excellent solvent meaning that many substances including toxic material will dissolve and spread through the body in unexpected ways and do damage in the living systems there.

The concept of natural harmony, however, is missing in modern science. There is no soul and spirit. Despite advanced technology,knowledge and science, modern people are becoming increasingly sick; both physically and mentally, are unhappy and lonely. Problems such as mental stress,anxiety, depression and nervous debility are common. These problems, which relate to the mind and proper perception of the selves have a very negative impact on a person's life. These days, most of the threats to your health and well-being come from outside and nearly all are man-made:

living conditions, stress, malnutrition, pollution (air, water and soil), conflicts, ideology, politics, exploitation, aggression, repression, restrictions,Corruption, and war.

Mood, emotions and chronic stress.

Reduce chronic stress - immediately! Too much stress can literally be a death sentence. Prolonged physical or emotionally stressful situations deplete our body of antioxidants and increase the burden of oxidative stress. Take time (each day) to do some deep breathing exercises, yoga, Tai Chi or meditation and your body will thank you for it. Social genomics or the effect of psychological and social influences on genetic expression has become a very broad field of study with a vast amount of solid, scientific research having been accumulated over the past few decades.

This field actually emerged in the modern era several decades ago when Hans Selye, MD, PhD (pioneering endocrinologist) identified and coined the expression, "stress" pertaining to the psychology of the individual, rather than physical influences. The mind (or brain's) perception of the social environment and its likelihood to impact the individual are translated into physiology, biochemistry and genetics through the regulation of hormones, neurotransmitters, and other signalling molecules that activate membrane receptors and transcription factors, etc.

A very simple example is the "fright or flight" response wherein the sympathetic nervous system and the connection between the brain and the adrenal glands (hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis) represent two pathways by which perceptions of negative social conditions regulate gene transcription in multiple ways in a multitude of cells. Positive psychological conditions, such as meditation, prayer and joy also regulate human gene expression although the molecular mediators are poorly understood at present.

Although DNA encodes the potential for a cell's activities, that potential can only become realized if the gene is expressed. Without being expressed, genes are no more relevant than a map lying on the floor in the backseat of the car.

So, with all of that in mind, it might be concluded that epigenetics is the answer to "which is it", genetics or epigenetics? The answer lies in the ability to engage in self dialectics.

Your body is an antenna, and your body can't receive and comprehend the whole message from Universe unless it contains all the trace elements of the Universe.

Neither can it increase sensibility. It is not the amount in weight but the numbers present within the body that are important. To be available within the body of humans and animals, the minerals and trace elements have to be chelated or in colloidal forms, a concept known as "bio-availability."

Another advantage using the more complex salts present in seaweeds; you will have less craving for simple junk food (salt). The craving for salt, despite the fact that most food is heavily salted with sodium chloride, home cooking, and restaurant meals, and preserved foods is a strong indication of potassium deficiency. Potassium is essential for even minimal nerve and muscle functioning, cross-membrane transport, for neurotransmitters, and hormones.

Our bodies however cannot differentiate between salt (sodium chloride) and the essential potassium chloride. Too much salt (sodium chloride) is not good and should be avoided. Potassium and sodium have the capability to slow down the light entering the body into a speed which our brain/detection system can employ and use it for communication and information gathering.

Seaweed and algae are Earth's last unique resort and can help us to reconnect with nature, become whole, satisfied, and healthy again.

Within Ancient traditions; the power of the earth (plants) to be combined with products of the sea (flexibility) and variation (spices and herbs), digestion, is the key to a long and healthy life.

Living the natural life leads to a deeper understanding of the inherent interconnectedness of everything, motivating us to make choices, which nourish sustainable relationships. The thought and lifestyle are essential to be part of the cosmic rope, yet their best home is not the mind but the hart. We are part of a water world which does have a deep impact on us. The water type world are the most beautiful in the universe but the inhabitants are very vulnerable living in a type of green house environment.


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