Isotonic, hyper tonic or hypotonic drinks.



Isotonic drinks replace fluid lost by sweating. They give a carbohydrate boost and are used predominantly by athletes such as middle and long distance runners. Use or taking 200ml of fruit squash, one litre of water and the content of one ore two P3-power kelp capsules.

Hyper tonic.

Hyper tonic drink contains higher levels of carbohydrate intake, than both isotonic and Hypotonic drinks and used as a supplement to daily carbohydrate intake. Use after exercise as they help the body top up on muscle glycogen stores. They can be used during exercise but it is advisable to use a hyper tonic alongside an isotonic drink.

Use or take 400ml of fruit squash, one litre of water and the content of three P3-power kelp capsule.


Hypotonic drinks are used too replace fluids lost through sweating, but are low in Carbohydrates. Most used by athletes such as jockeys and gymnasts. The hypotonic drink is recommended after exercise, after a tough workout, as it targets dehydration (the main cause of fatigue) and replaces water and energy fast.

Use 100ml of squash, one litre of water and the content of one P3-power kelp-containing capsule. Usage depends on the workout you are undertaking at the gym.

Is it an Aerobic type; running, cycling, walking, you could use an isotonic type drink followed by a hyper tonic drink at the end of the session.

For anaerobic exercise (strength, speed and power, i.e. bodybuilding) opt for a Isotonic drink. Follow this up with a hypotonic drink after the particularly tough workout.




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