The major minerals are instrumental in all kinds of life-sustaining activities in your body. Such as iron, calcium, magnesium, selenium, and zinc, essential for preventing deficiency diseases. For example, magnesium, is required for the activation of more than 300 enzymes in the body and for the use of some vitamins and minerals, is required for normal function and structure of the arteries, heart, kidneys, bone, and for the neuromuscular system. Magnesium is also needed for calcium absorption, iodine in thyroid function, iron in blood oxygen exchange, and chromium in blood sugar regulation.

Environmental changes that have lead to a increase in depletion of minerals and other inorganic compounds from our food. The importance of the minerals present in sea vegetables is increasing and now more important to humans and animals than ever before. The 1997 edition of Food Composition Handbook shows a 25-50% decline in the vitamin and mineral content of foods since the last survey done in 1975. 

People consider themselves healthy unless they are ill or overweight but you could call it borderline health. For optimum health you need to achieve vitality and lots of energy, mental clarity, improved digestion, most of us weight loss and a reduced risk for development of serious diseases.

Comparisons of population groups have demonstrated a close and consistent relationship between the adoption of this affluent diet and the emergence of a range of chronic, noninfectious diseases, such as coronary heart disease, cerebrovascular disease, various cancers, diabetes mellitus, gallstones, dental caries (cavities), gastrointestinal disorders, and various bone and joint diseases (World Health Organization, 1990).

In Traditional Chinese Medicine our bodies and our selves reflecting the natural world, our lifestyle the food we use. The power of the Earth (plants) to be combined with products of the Sea (flexibility) and variation (spices and herbs), Key to a long and healthy life.

The craving for salt, despite the fact that most food are heavily salted, with sodium chloride, home- cooking, restaurant meals, and preserved foods is a strong indication of potassium deficiency. Potassium is essential for even minimal nerve and muscle functioning , cross-membrane transport, for neurotransmitters and hormones. However, our body cannot differenciate between salt (sodium chloride) and the essential potassium chloride. Everybody knows that to much salt (sodium chloride) is not good and should be avoided. Still salt is added in large quantities to our food on a daily basis. Seaweed has the advantage it contains potassium in addition to sodium chloride, and others. Using the more complex salts present in seaweeds, you will have less craving for simple junk food (salt).