We are connecting with our world through the resonators in the body and our senses. When we look or observe the world using resonators (feeling)we do so on a much deeper level than that it looks. Our brains above all talk to itself and to the rest of the body and not with words or images or chemical but also by impulses or wave interference pattern, the language of phase, amplitude and frequency. Perceiving others, nature and objects, exchanging information by connecting with the waves/resonating with it (feeling), getting in synch with it, getting connected.

Numerous cells in our system are tuned into certain frequencies. This explains how we can recognize things as being the same, even when they are vastly different in sizes or shape. To use the options of your body to communicate with the outside world and universe the body has to use the big brains and not the reptilian part which work much faster than the big brain and is faster. Wired for survival and use of our senses. Does not connects with the universe as a whole but operate in three dimensions only. Associated with matter, power, ego and sub-conscious or better known as the black soul limited in perception.

Think of the mammal or big brains as a world dominated by waves or vibrations, the universe connected by an underlying fluctuating energy field, a sea of energy connecting everything and anything, and different from the world view propagated by science, politics, and the establishment. Here you never act alone. All of our actions affect others and at the end of the day, or at the end of our life, the only thing any of us really "has" is our effect upon others.

How we treat others determines how others treat us. How others treat us influences how we see ourselves. How we see ourselves determines who we are. Our Consciousness represents the greatest form of order known to nature, and this order helps us shape and create the outer world.

The living consciousness is a blueprint and building block, not an isolated entity. The consciousness has the power to heal us, to heal the world, to shape it to be as we wish it to be, where each of us creates the own world and we have the ability to extend our own coherence out into our environment, simply by the act of wishing to create order.



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