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The Village


Stones and ruins


Places to Visit 


Kilcatherine Church


Coral & seaweed










Irland, der Süden.

  Herzlich Willkomen at Beara

Immer wieder wird der Blick frei auf die atemberaubende Umgebung.

Blick über das Meer und die Caha Berge der Beara Halbinsel und Eyeries.

      The Village

           Stones and ruins

          Places to Visit

           Kilcatherine Church

          Coral & seaweed

           History of Ireland 


   Seafood Capsules 

Wild Seafoods 

Sea fruit wine 

               A journey in Time            

Oil made from seaweed & algae

Sea Lettuce/Ulva

Dessert land & aquaculture

Okinawa Seaweed

Salt water plants

Seaweed Market

Seaweed Capsules

Farming of Fish and other creatures

 The search for oil rich Algae/seaweeds

Algae, bio ethanol & fuel

 The Algae for Oil race

Wild seaweed Info Site




Ferien Irland

Der Süden

Beara      Halbinsel

Kilcatherine kirche

Meer   Eyeries  

Mystisches Irland

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