The Role of Food in our Lives
  • Food provides us with the energy we need to be able to move, collect and digest more food, to communicate, work and think, to maintain and regulate our body temperature and so on. Most of this energy becomes available during the breakdown of cells containing sugar, fat or alcohol that have primarily a Caloric function. During fasting these types of nutrient are limited but not the other vital nutrients like proteins and minerals, vitamins etc.
  • The cells which make up our bodies do not live long. Our body has to replace them at least once within every seven years, depending on their type or the function they perform. Our body seems to stay the same, nor do we feel different,
  • yet this process goes on every day!

    Proper digestion must prepare these cells for integration into the existing body structure. This is a complex and difficult process. You need proteins for healthy cells that are biologically active, as well as other building blocks, such as minerals and vitamins, in sufficient amounts. Fresh and uncooked vegetables contain lots of suitable cells which can provide those building blocks. Only vegetable juices were used during the artificial rejuvenation process we described earlier.

  • In cooking your food most of the cells get damaged. Even if you eat enough, there might be a shortage of suitable cells. The same happens to food stored cold. The process of decay will be slowed but is not stopped.

    If there is a shortage of suitable cells or insufficient quality due to damage, poisons or genetic manipulations, these building blocks will become part of your body and will lead to what is called the degradation of your body… ageing!

  • Good nutrition helps you to stay healthy and can even cure you from certain ailments.

  • Hippocrates, who is called the “Father of Medicine”, is often quoted for his well-known statement:

    “Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food”.

    The people of ancient times did know more about it then we do now and used their knowledge wisely!


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